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CISO Forum (CISO.pk) is a professional community comprised of Security leaders, working in Public and Private sectors, throughout the industries mentoring ahead to make the Nation a safe place to digitally exist. If you are looking to keep abreast of the latest happenings with regards to Information Security/Cybersecurity and are curious to know how these leaders are mitigating to keep the Enterprises secure, you are in the right place.

Cyber threats are drastically imminent and a way out would be to proactively prevent the related attacks. There is a dire and continuous need to provide the related people with unbiased key information and analysis to tackle these Cybersecurity challenges.

We are a community of enthusiastic Security leaders and industry professionals that are enablers of modern Enterprises. Join us in this growing initiative and making it a success.

The domains we own are following:
- ciso.pk
- cisoforumglobal.com 
- cisoforumglobal.me 
- cisoforumglobal.eu 
- cisoforumglobal.asia 
- cisoforum.me 
- cisoforum.eu 
- cisoforum.asia 



Establishing hybrid and professional chapters with Security Leadership

When you're working in communities, you get the ability to perform like never before and produce unmatchable results. We are forming regional chapters to form and expand local communities. 

Forming sectoral and special interest committees to take the required actions and taking forward the vision of CISO Forum by implementation of the action plan. Successful committees will provide CISO Forum with all the support required to address challenges faced by organizations and communities altogether.


(coming soon)...
what does it take to be a Top performing CISO


Cyb3r Conferences, TechTalks,
Cyber Dialogues, Meetups, etc Knowledge sharing to
the next level


Get to hear from the Security Leaders to learn from their experiences and vision


We believe, like every other CxO roles, CISOs are enablers of Modern Enterprises. Example member job titles in various organizations

- Global Head of Cyber Security
- Global Privacy Officer
- Director of Security & Enterprise Risk
- Head of Business Continuity Risk
- Security and Compliance Manager
- VP Security and Operational Risk

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